Technology Strength

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Science and technology is the primary driving force for Lizhong Wheel Group.

The Lizhong Group’s 30 years dedication to casting Al alloy research & development and maintaining one of the world’s leading master alloy R&D centers guarantees The Lizhong Group to be one of the key major players in the Al Alloy industry worldwide. From material technology development to mold design and manufacture, from equipment design to IT technology applications the Lizhong Group constantly optimizes it’s supply chain management and human resource development as well as it’s constantly advancing technical expertise.
The Lizhong Group offers it’s customers consistent, high quality and reliable delivery which is based on the application of advanced facilities, highly automated production processes as well as digital and IT technologies. The Lizhong Group makes all efforts to go beyond expectations with customized products, simultaneous development and innovation throughout entire process.200
technical experts and scientists from distinguished universities and institutions drive Lizhong’s R&D strength. 400 qualified QC engineers ensure the excellence of Lizhong quality and have for over 20 years now.The Lizhong Group maintains world-class technical facilities equipped with extremely comprehensive testing capabilities.
These facilities include two engineering centers, two national certified laboratories, one academician workstation as well as one post-doctoral practice center.

At Lizhong new “Low Pressure Casting” and “Low Pressure Casting + Flow Forming” techniques are used to create finished products with improved mechanical properties and reduced weights when compared with our competition. With 5 years research and experimentation invested, Lizhong recently successfully applied Semi Solid Forging techniques to build heavy-duty truck and bus wheels for the commercial transportation industries. Our success lies in the satisfaction of our customers and partners and in the advanced techniques of our production facilities around the world.

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