The Lizhong Group’s basic premise in HR management is to allocate each employee to the “reasonable position for the reasonable task”. At Lizhong, each employee contributes to the excellence of the team of The Lizhong Group. We respect, value, and care for each team member in achieving a successful career and excellent long term future.

The Lizhong HR department always concentrates on the improvement of our HR management system, compensation and welfare structure and has done so for the past 20 years. We offer various benefits including insurance and competitive overall payment structure. Extra allowances are made for management and other highly skilled specific positions. We appreciate the contribution from each and every Lizhong Team Member..

The Lizhong HR department organizes professional training designed especially for our staff annually. Additionally, pre-management training for personnel with high potential and performance is scheduled every two years. Lizhong also offers further education opportunities for management personnel. Specific career planning programs are designed for employees with different educational backgrounds and personalities utilizing a two tiered rating system to enable our staff to achieve at their maximum potential..


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